How can I move to Topicbox?

Not every organization is currently able to move to Topicbox. Some features are still being added, like digests. If your group is eligible to migrate, you will be contacted via email.

Once you've been contacted, you will be asked to select an organization domain name, like This is the domain that all your group email addresses will be at, like

Once a domain name has been selected, we will migrate all your messages, users and settings for you, then switch mail service from to When migration is complete, we will email you so you can come check out your organization's new site.

From the perspective of your users, there should be no interruption of service. You will be able to tell when migration is complete because your message footers will refer to Topicbox instead of Listbox.

We've also set up a complete guide to settings, Topicbox terms and more, especially designed for users migrating from Listbox.

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