Listbox to Topicbox: What's changed?

What's new

  • Naming Choose your own subdomain for all your groups:
  • Speed — The interface is much snappier.
  • Better design  its all-new interface has been created with a focus on simplicity.
  • More reading options  users who may prefer to read/search content on the web should find it easy and user friendly.
  • Powerful search  easy to locate the topics you want.
  • More useful for your heavy users Users who are members of more than one group should see the biggest improvement. Easily see recent conversations across all groups!
For administrators, we've also made some big improvements with:
  • For Review dashboard  One page to approve both members and messages, for every group you administrate.
  • Member List A consolidated member list for your organization.
  • Authentication Two new authentication options:
    1. An emailed code, instead of a password, for standard users
    2. Two-step verification (2FA) with a password, for users with high security needs

What's changed

Posting restrictions  Topicbox has a simpler model, and is managed through group permissions.

Subscriber types  The member list shows who is active. Inactive members are those who have left the group and aren't shown in the member list. We don't (currently) flag members whose mail is bouncing, but this information is recorded and is a planned feature.

Message accounts by type  discarded messages show up in your Trash folder. Held messages show up in your For Review folder to be moderated. Bounced mail is currently not shown.

Searching messages in the For Review state also shows messages in the Trash folder.

System messages are not currently customizable. Each system message does contain your group name and its description, so if there's information you'd like to share with your users about the group purpose, include it here.

What's the same

From a user perspective, groups work almost exactly the same, and require no changes.

Mail sent to the original address will work, but groups will refer to themselves at the new address at the Topicbox subdomain you chose.

If you have web archives, your old links will continue to work, but they will redirect to the new pages at

The excellent telephone and chat support we know you love about Listbox won’t be changing — your favorite support staff will be supporting Topicbox as well.

If you have any other questions about Topicbox, your migration, or your account in general, please let us know.

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